For your applications of supervision, we provide you with:

  • The electrical study and of automatism,
  • The electrical file,
  • The programming of the imagery,
  • The achievement of standard documentation,
  • The equipment of the supervision room,
  • The on-site installation,
  • Tests and tests network by reflectometry,
  • The integration and programming of the information flow,
  • Tests in our buildings,
  • The commissioning,
  • Staff training,
  • The technical support,

Our teams use recognized software such as WinCC, InTouch,...

Examples of functions of a supervision system

  • Management of system users and administrators,
  • Display, management, control and storage of defects with filtering,
  • Calculation of production rates,
  • Information pages of the installation state,
  • Management of the beacons and indicator banks,...

Mimic display of a PC architecture

Home page of an application of supervision

Detailed mimic display of an installation

View of the remote control of the conveyors

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