SODEREL installs uninterruptible power supply, which offer you a perfect protection against electric perturbations. A genuine security source for your company, whose SODEREL ensures start-up and maintenance.


Our competences:

Study and diagnosis: free audit, check of your power supply, proposal of suited solutions.

Assembly on-site: installation of inverters and chargers, installation of the rippled network.

Technical support: commissioning with tests and measures, training of your personal, telephone support.

Follow-up and maintenance of inverters and chargers:

  • Check of the electrical enclosures by release.
  • Clamping and cleaning of the connections.
  • Measurement of the electrical parameterizing, in order to receive a force balance.
  • Synchronization of sources.
  • Control of the general condition and test, in order to check the autonomy of the batteries.
  • Control of functioning the fans.

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