Industrial vision

The industrial vision is all the techniques intended to replace the human sight with the help of the image processing, because where a traditional sensor is inefficient and unsuitable, the industrial vision brings another dimension.

A specialized software treats automatically the image captured by a matrix camera and starts actions according to the results of its calculations. The industrial vision then makes it possible to automate operations like a sorting, a control or an adjustment.

The vision is a fast technique, without contact and with broad spectrum, because any visual or visible characteristic can be measured, quantified or supervised.

We integrate and programm all your systems based on the technology of the industrial vision:

  • Realization of the specifications sheet together with the customer
  • Feasibility study
  • Definition of the optical system (lenses, camera, etc.), in order to optimize the resolution of the camera at the size of the observed article
  • Definition of the lighting
  • Choice of the algorithms
  • Definition of the mode of communication of the vision system (selection of control, exit of the results)

In addition to the realization of your application, our teams ensure the training of your personnel and the maintenance of your existing systems.

To guarantee to our customers the quality and the reliability of its products and its services, we make confidence with the material of OMRON.

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Industrial Vision

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