Tightness testing systems

Soderel designs, manufactures, installs and maintains tightness testing systems, intended for all professionals anxious to provide products without defect.

For the total satisfaction of your customers, our systems apply to many fields of activities:

  • Automobile industry (manufacturers, equipment suppliers,...)
  • packaging of the liquids (sport bottle with push/pull cap,...)
  • pump production (pumps for water purification, for machine tools, for cooling towers, for heating systems,...)

Automobile industry

On final assembly production line the tightness testing of the circuit prior to fluid filling makes it possible to avoid final improvements in rework area.

The principle of a tightness testing is in general the following: pressurization, stabilization, test, venting.

Our mechanical workshop conceives and manufactures solutions suited to your needs. Our achievements allow to adapt and to integrate the various elements of our machines according to specificities of the plant environment.

On-line tightness testing equipment (>50 veh/hour)

Rework equipment for tightness testing (15 veh/hour)

Other fields of application

Automatic locking on dosing pumps

Detailed view of the locking system

Tightness test stand - manual lock with plug

Detailed view of the test stand

Tightness test stand for boiler pumps
automatic repeated lock

Detailed view of the test stand

Adapter with connection by screwing

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Our mechanical research office innovates permanently to propose you powerful solutions.

The adapter with connection by screwing brings to you in addition to an optimal tightness:

  • Handling ease
  • Security
  • Fast and economical maintenance

To be screwed at best on your tanks, our adapters are equipped with one of the three screwing heads:

  • the short screwing head (standard)
  • the long screwing head
  • the extra-short screwing head

Leak detektor - Hydrogen Method

In complementarity of our tightness control equipments, we propose to you an device of leak localization and measurement.

Usable in all the industrial sectors, light and easy to use, the DFP, portable leak detector, will make you forget the water baths and the tests of pressure.

Composed of 5% of hydrogen and 95% of nitrogen , this tracer gas has several advantages:

  • it is the cheapest tracer gas available
  • it is the lightest and least viscous of all gases
  • it is neither inflammable, toxic, nor corrosive
  • it is not dangerous to the environment
  • it is insensitively opposite other gases

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